Pyramus and Thisby

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Pyramus & Thisbe Concepts
  • Noh or Kabuki
    • Full face makeup and costuming
    • Possible traditional music
    • Mini Noh or Kabuki set
    • Very stylized
  • Melodrama
    • Victorian
    • Heightened emotion/language suits the style
    • Small connection between Victorian and Goth = Titania’s influence on Bottom?
  • Musical/West Side Story
    • ‘50’s style
    • Incorporates music (West Side Story? Original?)
    • Opportunity for choreography
  • Takarazuka
    • Flashy and glittery, in line with Elton John-type Bottom
    • Talk to Robin McCartney about it
  • In the style of Squat Theatre (‘80’s avant-garde)
    • Big wacky scenery
    • Social commentary
  • Fantasy/Faerie Tale
    • Knights and princesses
    • Griffin in place of Lion?
    • Fog machine
  • Traditional Renaissance
    • In line with “expected” Midsummer
  • Ancient Greek
    • Non-human characters as Chorus
    • In line with stated setting of Midsummer
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