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Dido, Queen of Carthage

Dido is acclaimed as the founder of Carthage and a mighty queen. She is written of as a martyr in Chaucer's Legend of Good Women. After the Trojan War, one Trojan escaped the slaughter, Aeneas. He left Troy and attempted to travel to Italy. Like Odysseus, he went off course and eventually wound up in modern-day Libya, then called Carthage. Aeneas told Dido, the Carthage Queen, his tale of woe and she was moved and gave him a place of honor in her city. Eventually, Dido fell in love with Aeneas and was persuaded that he would stay with her and be her husband. After they were betrothed, but before they were married, Aeneas gathered his men together and made plans to sail for Italy to sack it. Dido tried to convince him to stay, for the sake of the child she carried, but he snuck out and sailed away, taking another woman, Lavinia, to wife. When Dido saw his treachery, she threw herself onto a funeral pyre and burned to death.

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